Samantha Gleave Launches Pet Portrait Business

Samantha Gleave, AAI senior, placed 4th in Humboldt County Office Of Education’s Innovate Business Challenge! This is a competition for high school-aged students to create ideas for new products and services and business startups. Five finalists pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, just like on “Shark Tank.” Samantha won $1500 to help launch her pet portrait business.

Samantha has long been a dog lover and regularly volunteers at pet shelters, does dog walking, and cares for her dogs at home. Next year she will be pursuing Canine Psychology Studies at Bergin University specifically in the Search and Rescue and Scent Detector specialty fields.

If you are interested in contacting Samantha about her pet portraits, you can contact her through her website

Samantha Gleave-#1 PatchSamantha Gleave-#4 Hand of FriendshipSamantha Gleave-#9 BlueHairedGirlSamantha Gleave-#10 Lamb


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