Here you’ll find all the materials and resources that have built the foundation for the Arcata Arts Institute. These are to further exemplify the standards and expectations we have of our students.

General Curriculum

Visual Arts

Media Arts



Master Classes

Master Classes account for nearly one half of the curriculum taught at the Arcata Arts Institute. Master Classes are semester-long courses taught by local artists and artisans within the community. These classes allow students to adapt to a college-like course setting with a strong focus on specific subject matter. The intention of these courses is not only to expand the scope of creative knowledge but to integrate newly adapted skill sets into the main facets of the program. Some of the courses that are offered each semester include; figure drawing, printmaking, watercolor, fashion design, videography, theater tech and design, animation, music editing and production as well as many others. Each semester brings new and different opportunities so classes are constantly changing and adapting.