Summer A.P. Studio ART Showcase


Summer is here and Arcata Arts Institute students are  headed off to their next adventure whether that be enjoying the summer sunshine, traveling, or gearing up for college. However their energy lives on with two excellent showcases for the remainder of June, July, and August.

First check out the Wildberries Sunroom where Annika Mauro is showing her masterful illustrations from her AP Studio Art Concentration.

oliva(NOT A SCAN)

Then head over to our amazing partners in all things creative, Redwood Yogurt, where six other AP Studio Art students are showing a collaborative show of selected works from their Concentrations.

The show includes artworks from the following artists.

Angelica Meade

Emily Fernandes

Kayla Nelson

Lily Humphrey

Maria Morehouse

Taria Ross


The Advanced Placement Studio Art course is designed for highly motivated students who are committed to the study and creation of visual art. Using guidelines established by the Advanced Placement College Board, students prepare a portfolio of their best work to be submitted for discussion and evaluation at the end of the school year. Students work in a variety of two-dimensional media, including a personal concentration of at least twelve pieces that focuses on a theme of personal interest to each student.

Students in this showcase have selected 4 pieces each that exemplify their concentrations.

art works • art matters


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