Winter Art Showcases

Alyssa Camilli is featured in Wildberries for the months of December and January. She painted a series of designs in her Master Class, Graphic Design In The Grid, taught by Gage Seber. She experimented with geometric relationships and the various ways that space can be broken up to create balanced compositions.  She focused on subjects that helped to form her as a creative individual. The addition of penwork details, emphasis on light and shadow, and use of color harmonies is also important to her style.

In Redwood Yogurt this month are Metaphor Portraits created by AAI Visual and Media Students. The visual art students used pen & ink to illustrate a portrait of someone important to them while incorporating objects that act as metaphors for their personality. The media students created similar works using photography and Photoshop. The portraits will be up through January.


From left to right: Zander Whalen, Tia Franklin, Rain Rice, Mariasha Self and Emma Fechner

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