Fresh Perspectives on War & Peace Published

Arcata Arts Institute students partnered with the Against the Wind Festival to create works of art reflecting on War & Peace. The work will be shown at the Arcata Playhouse and will also be published in a book, entitled Fresh Perspectives on War & Peace. Against the Wind Festival is a week-long pro-peace festival, that will take place October 14-21 in Humboldt County. The Festival will raise awareness of the continuing urgent dangers of nuclear armaments and nuclear war. It will also address other current social and political issues of race, justice, equality and the ‘golden rule.’ Funds generated will support the mission of the Golden Rule, helping to fuel its voyage to Hawaii, the Marshall Islands and on to Japan for the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.


Artwork by Andrew Whitehurst, Lilli Bowman, and Raven Cziglenyi.

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