Student Voices Campaign Submissions

The annual Student Voices Campaign, produced by the California Alliance for Arts Education, gives students a way to take an active part in shaping their own future.

Through the campaign, students from all over California produce videos that advocate for arts education for all students. These videos are shared directly with local school districts and elected boards as they are making funding decisions. In California, students are guaranteed a voice in planning for their school districts, and this media and arts-based approach to advocacy has had compelling results.

The Arcata Arts Institute media arts students submitted 4 videos this year.


Braeden Hall and Angelica Meade:

The California Creative Economy from ahscreativeclass on Vimeo.

Kaylein Ownby:

What’s Your Vision? from ahscreativeclass on Vimeo.

Sophia Belton and Kayla Nelson:

How Does Art Impact Your Life? from ahscreativeclass on Vimeo.

Janie Mendosa and Nancy Marshall:

This is Our Future from ahscreativeclass on Vimeo.

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