“Notre Voix –Our Voice.”, Finalist!

AAI student submitted film, “Notre Voix-Our Voice” finished with second place honors at this years Student Voices Campaign.

Students throughout the state of California submitted over 100 entries for this years campaign. Entries were narrowed to the top 14 for a final screening and judging where a final five were selected. First place was a tie between Windsor High School and Bear River High School in Grass Valley.

Presented by the California Alliance for Arts Education, the “Student Voices” campaign gives students an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns about major issues within their school through a creative lens.

The prompt for this years campaign asked students how they would make their school a better place though the slogan “Your Voice. Your Vision. Your School”.

Entries addressed themes of cyber bullying, suicide, and technology saturation.

“Notre Voix- Our Voice” expresses the powerful influence of creative education through the realm of dance. It emphasizes the important role that dance and creative eduction play within the lives of students when it comes to self expression and exploration.

Congratulations to artists Braeden Hall, Chloe Schmidt, and Angelica Meade for their second place finish!

Their entry , as well as all AAI video projects, can be found on our Vimeo page.



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