Inside the Art of Cora Dandeneau

This year, one of the Arcata Arts Institute Master Classes offered to our students was Video Storytelling taught by Lynette Nutter. Stories have power. They can transform how we see our lives and the lives of others. In this master class students learned how to utilize video to become story excavators and gained experience in video production basics, effective interviewing and how to edit using those interviews to tell a compelling story.
The class was taught by Lynette Nutter. She has been driven by story – other people’s story – since she was seven. She honed her skills as a storyteller working for studios like Sony, Paramount, and Warner Brothers as well as creating video content for musicians, artists and businesses through her company, A Nutter Production.

“Everybody has a story, it’s exciting to excavate the true essence of that story and bring it to life through video. I’m looking forward to guiding you through my process to help you tell stories that connect.” ~ Lynette Nutter on teaching AAI master class

Dylan Berman, an AAI Music student, took on this challenge with enthusiasm and chose to tell the story of Cora Dandeneau, a sophomore in the Visual Arts strand of the Arcata Arts Institute. Coronavirus restrictions brought challenges but Dylan was able to overcome those by using Zoom to do many of his interviews and also ventured outside and took video on location at the Arcata Community Forest. This is Dylan’s first video project.

Watch his video here:

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