Saving The World Through Poster Design!

AAI’s Illustrator Master Class students have created an impressive collection of posters that will be on display at the Morris Graves Museum of Art this weekend. Join us for the opening on Saturday May 12, 6-9pm. Students chose a topic to research and promote through graphic design. These posters will also be displayed in the Arcata Transit Authority busses to reach a wide audience throughout Humboldt County.

The class was taught by HSU Art Education students Lucas Arnese and Christina Cordova under the mentorship of Johanna Mauro and Jim Woglom.

Raven Cziglenyi Arbor DayPoster by Raven Cziglenyi

AngelicaMeadewater copyPoster by Angelica Meade

world press freedom day [Recovered]Poster by Nigella Baur

Wolfgang RobinsonPoster by Wolfgang Robinson

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