AAI Seniors Honored at Senior Awards Night

Congratulations to all of the AAI Seniors who received honors and awards on Senior Awards Night June 7th.  Of particular distinction is Leo Stafsnes, see his painting is featured in this post for his multiple scholarships to attend the California Institute of the Arts, CalArts, in Valencia, CA.  Leo will be studying Experimental Animation.  He received scholarships from the California Summer School for the Arts, and 3 more directly from CalArts itself.

Also honored that evening were: Isobel Ensminger, Maximiliano Gambin, Ian Hansbearry, Anika Kirste, Zoey Knox, Zachary Meisel, Angel Schneider-Reuter, Maina Sonn, Adora Stebbins, and Marlo Varley.  We are very proud of these soon to be alumni of AAI!

To see more of Leo’s work take a look here:

The Portfolio of Leo Stafsnes


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