Music Friday!

AAI MUSIC (512)

Please join us this Friday for Arts Arcata, May 12th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m!

We will be featuring our ‘Ambiguous Figures’ Showcase, a series of large scale graphite drawings exploring depth, contrast, texture, and motion. This project was a collaborative effort with our media and visual arts students.

AAI music will also be performing during this evening. They will be presenting a collection of  contemporary music within small ensembles.


Adora Stebbins

(Figure: By: Adora Stebbins)

Don’t forget to stop by Hot Knots, 898 G Street, Arcata to pick up tickets to our upcoming 12th Annual “Flow” Fashion show on Saturday, May 27th at the Arcata Theater Lounge.  IMG_9068

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